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Green Power

Energy Efficiency

DongAh Elecomm high-efficiency power solutions reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, maximize output, and are manufactured with energy-efficient processes. DongAh Elecomm continues to improve product performance for applications such as LED power, solar energy, wind power generation, electronic automobiles, and battery recharging systems with sophisticated energy-saving technologies.

Read about our high-efficiency power systems for telecom and network applications.

Our customers have the power for a healthier planet!

Learn more about how DongAh Elecomm has helped to “keep it clean and green” with power technology for a ballast water treatment system, electric auto charger and automatic inspection system.

Water Ballast System

DongAh Elecomm’s power expertise led us to be chosen as the technology partner in the development of the Electro-Cleen™ Ballast Water Treatment System.

Rectifier Module 18VDC/1125A Output

Product Features:

  • Power rectifier for ballast water treatment
  • Wide-range input voltage (30, 375VAC ~ 510VAC)
  • Compact, modular design (easy module replacement)
  • High power density; water-cooled design
  • Parallel connection, up to 89 modules
  • Output current & voltage control modes
  • Soft start for safe, energy-efficient operation
  • LED alarm indicators
  • Constant electric power control
Electro-Cleen™ Ballast Water Treatment System

We’re proud to be a part of this effort
for a healthier planet!

We were able to produce a compact, custom solution with 85% efficiency, supplying parallel power up to 162Kw for electrolysis water treatment.

Our BREC-18 Rectifier Module meets ballast water treatment power requirements.

Marine Bioinvasions Fact Sheet

Electric Auto Charger

DongAh Elecomm powers electric vehicle charging stations for automobiles and city buses. These energy-efficient stations provide fast and easy recharging for eco-friendly long distance driving.

Automatic Inspection System

DongAh Elecomm’s Automatic Inspection System provides fast, accurate measurements and diagnostics.

  • Accurate, fast, and convenient R&D / Production tool
  • Improved performance via real-time measurements & inspection
  • Convenient real-time Test Sheet for standard-to-custom products
  • Inspects AC/DC Converters with up to (5) DC Output Voltages
  • Utilizes 300V/6KVA AC Power Source
  • Utilizes 300V/3A DC Power Source
  • Utilizes multiple DC Loads (80V, 300A, 2.6KW; 80V, 60A, 300W)
Inspection Data:
  • Line and Load Regulation
  • Inrush Current
  • Input Low Voltage Alarm
  • Efficiency
  • Power Factor
  • Rated Output Voltage and Current
  • Output Ripple &/ Noise
  • Load Transient Response
  • Output Recovery (post-Load Transient)
  • Turn-on Delay Time
  • Hold-up Time
  • Discharge Time
  • Overvoltage / Overcurrent Protection
  • Output Short Circuit Protection

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