Industrial Applications: Case Studies

Automation Control

For Lighting, Sound and Video Control

Our customer had an issue with their integrated controller product. Their power supply was generating too much heat and failing in the field, while lead times were holding up shipments. Our customer required a convection cooled power supply for reduced audible noise in sensitive environments. The supply had to be cool to the touch and not dissipate extra heat into sensitive sound, video and lighting equipment.

Features include: Worldwide AC Input Voltages; Enclosure and Silk-screening to match Controllers; 13.5V @ 7A Output Capability; Convection Cooled up to 50˚C Ambient Temperature; High Efficiency making it “Cool to the Touch”; Increased Reliability and 2 Year Product Warranty; Lead Times reduced to only 6 weeks; 40% Price Reduction; and Custom Packaging with Customer Logo and Documentation.

Interactive Display System

This customer was designing a state-of-the-art display combining whiteboard functionality with digital projection and professional audio. The application required a unique power design with aggressive pricing to market their product effectively.

DongAh engineered the solution, delivering 8 output voltages in a convection-cooled package. Minimal NRE and prototypes were delivered in less than 6 weeks. DongAh delivered the right solution while others were still working on their proposals.

Features of the supply include: Worldwide AC Input Voltages with Active PFC; 475 Watts with 8 DC Outputs; Digital Power-Up Sequencing and Fan Control; Tight Regulation and Low Noise Operation; High Efficiency Operation of 82%; Pricing less than $0.25/W with 6 week lead time; Worldwide Approval; Class B Emissions; and RoHS Compliant.