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Industries & Applications

Power Solutions for Industry

Responding to challenges with industry-leading technical expertise and a spirit of enthusiasm, DongAh Elecomm provides a wide range of power supply solutions from subminiature to large, complex systems for industrial, communications, medical and other diverse applications.

communications industry


DongAh Elecomm provides rectifier and hot-swap power supply modules, power shelves and energy systems for the fast developing and multi-functionalized communications industry.

power supplies for industrial applications


DongAh has developed a wide range of standard power supply products, but if what you need is not satisfied by a standard product, our custom power supplies can solve your energy problems with minimal or even no NRE!

power supplies for medical applications


With DongAh Elecomm’s highly recognized technical skills, our company has a long history of supplying extreme reliability power systems to medical device suppliers worldwide.



DongAh Elecomm provides Power to Connect

  • Mobile communications
  • Switching systems
  • ATM / TDX / PBX
  • Transmission equipment
  • Network equipment
  • Digital broadcast equipment
  • Optical transmission equipment
  • Satellite base stations
  • Small Cell / DAS

With DongAh’s high efficiency power systems, the telecom industry can dramatically reduce power consumption and their environmental footprint by cutting losses in power conversion by half.

Telecom Power Supplies

Telecom Applications