Power Systems

Embedded Power Systems for Telecom, Wireless and Industrial Applications

DongAh manufactures a wide range of complete power systems for telecom, datacom and industrial applications. Our power systems are designed with battery management systems for truly redundant operation in indoor and outdoor environments. Software integration allows remote monitoring and control, and hot plug-in switchmode rectifiers allow for easy system upgrades.

Power Shelves

Power Shelves are racking systems designed to minimize installation and maintenance time. Easy access hot-swap insertion allows power module exchange under live power operation.

At DongAh, we understand that there is no such thing as a standard power shelf. While we have many existing products, we expect our customers will require modifications from simple to complex. We bring our experience of more than 40 years as a global leader of power supply production to power our customers’ world-changing technologies.

Click on the model name in the table below to view its data sheet.

-54VDC x 127.77A max
2RU Height
19″, 21″, 23″ Rack-Mount
445mm x 461mm x 88.1mm
CSPS-6K Power Shelf
-53.5VDC x 166.5A max
1RU Height
19″ Rack-Mount
444.8mm x 417mm x 44.4mm
EDPS-9K Power shelf
-54VDC x 166.5A max
2RU Height
19″ Rack-Mount
482mm x 500mm x 88.8mm
-53.5VDC x 166.5A
2RU Height
19″ Rack-Mount
444.8mm x 417mm x 44.4mm

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