Custom Power Supplies

Make vs. Buy – Should you build your own custom power supply?

Many companies attempt to design their own custom power systems and power supplies. Some are successful, but many incur large unexpected expenses and waste critical time to market because they simply do not know how to design power supply systems that are stable, reliable, and manufacturable in high volumes and for long-term operation.

Things to consider before building your own in-house power supplies:

  • Is there a power supply already available that meets your needs?
  • Does the cost of the end application justify the added expense?
  • Are off-the-shelf semiconductors required by your design supported by applications engineering staff and software design tools? Using the wrong part or circuit can become an expensive mistake once it goes into production.
  • Do you have the internal resources necessary to design, build and test your own?
    • Engineers with skills and experience in power supply design
    • Proper test equipment
    • Safety protocols and regulatory requirements
    • EMI-RFI switching supply design and testing
    • Power Factor Correction (PFC) requirements
    • Thermal simulation software
    • Testing for temperature extremes, humidity, shock and vibration
    • Inrush current and transient protection
    • MTBF and demonstrated, predictable reliability
    • Efficiency and thermal management
    • Reliability under fault conditions
    • Transient recovery time and stability over time and temperature
    • Warranties

Power Supply Products

Why you should choose DongAh Elecomm for your custom power supplies:
    • Expertise!
    • NO NRE!
    • We are flexible and easy!

The possibilities are endless… We’ll take you from concept to production to get just the POWER YOU NEED!

Read about our custom power solutions for industrial applications and medical equipment.

DongAh Elecomm specializes in meeting your most unusual power requirements: hard-to-meet electrical specs, unique features or form factors, very long life or extreme operating temperature ranges, special performance … or whatever you can throw at us. We love a challenge. From 100 watts to 10,000 watts and up, we create AC/DC or DC/DC converters and power systems in any configuration to suit your needs.

When the Do-It-Yourself Approach is Not the Best Solution

One of our customers had a company history of manufacturing their own power supplies for their printers. They did this because they thought they had the best solution for the lowest price. At the time we approached them, they had a printer application that needed update features and a cost reduction… all while maintaining the same footprint. We showed them a standard 120 watt supply that they tested the same day. They were happy with the  performance; the only thing left was to fit it to their form factor. One-half of the power supply is extremely low profile, so it was a challenge. Additionally, we added capacitance on the output to accommodate their motor-controlled printers.  The customer was able to sell their end product as “enhanced,” and we’ve designed subsequent supplies for them, ending their “in-house” philosophy on power supplies.