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4G to 5G...
the POWER to Connect

DongAh Elecomm provides rectifier and hot-swap power supply modules, power shelves and energy systems for the fast developing and multi-functionalized communications industry.

POWER solutions

Specializing in telecommunications power supply systems since 1976

DongAh Elecomm offers all types of energy product solutions, including power converters, rectifiers, board-mounted power modules and remote monitoring systems.

“All three of the US’s largest public cell-tower companies have said they expect 2023 to be a big year for small cells, as 5G buildouts shift away from 5G macro deployments toward smaller mobile installations and telcos begin to finish their mid-band 5G rollouts.” – Jordan McDonald, Emerging Tech Brew

Featured Products

CWRS-4150A Power Shelf

CWRS-4150A Power Shelf

The CWRS-4150A modular power system provides up to 8KW of power in a 2U shelf. It is UL Listed and designed to meet NEBS requirements. It includes battery backup and two separate AC input ports, allowing for AC redundancy and smaller input cords.

NEspace™ Power Module

With up to 96% efficiency, the NEspace rectifier significantly reduces energy consumption and loss. The module is designed to lower energy costs and reduce environmental impact. Energy optimization results in a significant reduction in wasted energy, heat and CO2 emissions.

Small Cell Power Systems

High efficiency Cheshire Series power systems provide easy installation and maintenance. Equipped with full features and options, including battery backup with dry contact alarms, they are designed in compact, modular configurations (wall or pole mount installations), to accommodate high power requirements for indoor and outdoor applications.



High Efficiency Power

DongAh Elecomm’s high efficiency power systems for telecom and network applications offer flexibility and configurability in various sizes and BBU or non-BBU configurations. Many variations are available.

switching mode power supply

Switching Power Supply

Higher efficiency (with lower heat dissipation) is the chief advantage of a switched-mode power supply, along with smaller size and less weight. Switch-mode power supplies are key to achieving highly efficient and reliable AC/DC or DC/DC power-conversion systems.

  • 1RU or 2RU configurations
  • Up to 9KW of power
  • Web server capability
  • Hot swappable
  • Automatic battery charging
  • Universal AC input
  • Low profile / High-density package size
  • High efficiency operation
  • High reliability
  • Low cost manufacturing
  • International Safety Approvals

Power Solutions


Power that Connects™

Small cell systems are being added globally to increase capacity in hot spots with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by a macro network. DongAh’s Cheshire™ Series of telecom Small Cell Power Systems provide unobtrusive, integration-friendly, compact and high density power for DAS and small cell wireless/telecom base stations.

– Compact
– Easy installation
– Modular configurations

– Full features
– Indoor or outdoor applications

small cell power supply

power where you need it

DongAh Elecomm provides power supplies with flexible configurations for expansive scalability and high efficiency operation.

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