• Green Power - for a Healthier Planet

    DongAh Elecomm high efficiency power supplies and enabling technologies improve performance and reduce energy consumption for applications around the globe.


  • Medical Applications

    Our Company has a long history of supplying extreme reliability power systems to global medical device suppliers worldwide.


  • It's a Mobile World

    By the end of this year, it's estimated that 40% of the world’s population (about 2.7 billion people) will be online. DongAh is powering mobile broadband globally.


  • Power with Flexibility
    and Strength

    Our flexible, high-performance power solutions remove design limitations, reduce time-to-market, shorten design cycles and lower manufacturing costs.


  • Power for Ballast Water Treatment

    DongAh Elecomm’s power expertise led us to be chosen as the technology partner in the development of the Electro-Cleen™ Ballast Water Treatment System.


  • Telecom & Wireless Power

    DongAh’s flexible, configurable energy systems reduce CO2 emissions and cut operational costs for power-hungry datacom and telecom applications.


  • It's a Mobile World

    By the end of this year, it's estimated that 40% of the world’s population (about 2.7 billion people) will be online. DongAh is powering mobile broadband globally.


DongAh Elecomm – Power with Flexibility

Power for 3G/4G LTE Mobile Networks

3G 4G LTE Power SupplyDongAh Elecomm provides power solutions for all types of 3G/4G LTE mobile networks. From small, low-power pole-mount rectifiers such as our SLTE-415N, to high-power cabinet-type shelves such as the DSPS-4KS, our full range of power supplies is ideal for DAS and small cell wireless/telecom base stations. For high efficiency network power with quick and easy installation at competitive pricing, DongAh Elecomm has the Power that Connects.

SLTE-415N Rectifier Features:

  • 800W High Efficiency Rectifier
  • Wall or pole mount
  • Discreet and lightweight design
  • Convection cooled; no fans
  • Battery charging available

DSPS-4KS Power Shelf Features:

  • 4KW High Efficiency Power Shelf
  • 54VDC Output, 74A (2 x 37A rectifier modules)
  • N+1 Redundant Capable
  • 15 Front Access GMT-Fused Outputs
  • 19” Rack Mount

All-in-One Power that ConnectsAll-in-One 3G/4G LTE Power

DongAh Elecomm’s all-in-one DMPS-16KA high efficiency outdoor power cabinet accommodates a power shelf, batteries and customer equipment for a compact and economical solution for 3G/4G (LTE) mobile networks. The rectifier shelf can be configured with eight NESPACE 96% efficient 2KW modules for 16KW of power, or eight NESPACE 3KW modules for up to 24KW of power. Learn more about the DMPS-16KA power system and its deployment in the tropics.

DC Small Cell Power Systems

With an inconspicuous profile and small footprint, DongAh Elecomm’s Cheshire™ Series power systems are perfect for DAS and small cell 4G/LTE wireless/telecom base stations where aesthetics are important­. Cheshire™ systems are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions and harsh environments for reliable power anywhere on the planet. With more than 300,000 deployed, their proven reliability gets attention.

Our Cheshire™ Series of power supplies is designed to support expansive growth in small cell 4G/LTE wireless/telecom base stations and network equipment. Small cells (pico cells, femto cells, micro cells, carrier wi-fi, etc.) are primarily added to increase capacity in hot spots with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by the macro network – both outdoors and indoors. They also improve network performance and service quality by offloading from the large macro-cells. End users benefit from more reliable data connections and higher data throughput. Mobile broadband connections are growing at a rate faster than the Earth’s population, with industry experts predicting 1000x growth in traffic volumes by the end of 2020.

Read about our LOPU-A4L rectifier module that provides high efficiency network power at competitive pricing, with quick and easy installation, a small footprint and inconspicuous IP65-rated enclosure for outdoor applications.

broadband technology

DongAh Elecomm products support explosive growth in the broadband communications market.

It’s estimated that by the end of this year, 40% of the world’s population will be online and that there will be 6.8 billion mobile connections (equal to the number of people living on earth today). Learn more about how our CWRS-4150A modular power system and SRRH-4805 module are used in broadband deployment.


NEspace™ Power Shelf offers up to 96% efficiency and a loss reduction of greater than 50%.

NEspace significantly reduces energy consumption and loss over standard power supplies. Easy installation and maintenance make it ideal for power-hungry datacom and telecom applications such as cellular base stations, ADSL equipment and fiber nodes, as well as central offices. Learn more about one of the most efficient power supplies on the market.

For customers with unique and demanding power specifications, DongAh Elecomm creates high-grade, fully custom power supply solutions.

DongAh Elecomm designs, manufactures and markets a full line of high efficiency, high density AC/DC power supply products and power systems for the telecom, industrial and medical markets.

DongAh Elecomm develops product lines with extremely flexible architecture and can rapidly modify standard power supply products to meet the needs of customers who require non-standard output voltages. Learn more about custom power supplies.

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