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DongAh’s powering the 5g revolution for millions!

DongAh Elecomm’s power was behind the LTE small cell deployment for South Korea’s three major service providers, deploying more than 300,000 small cell systems across South Korea over three years and serving a combined 57.2 million wireless subscribers. Now, almost 2 million mobile users in South Korea have signed up for 5G services in the first four months of their availability, according to statistics released by the country’s Ministry of Science and ICT. The expectations are that South Korea will end 2019 with more than 5 million 5G users, and DongAh will provide the Power to Connect!

Power for cell towersTelecom Power for Fixed and Wireless Networks

DongAh Elecomm provides standard, semi-custom and custom AC-DC telecom power supplies for a wide range of applications and requirements. Each power supply is manufactured and designed for energy-efficient, outstanding performance even in extreme climates and rugged conditions. From high power, rack-mount power supplies to compact, low-profile power for small cell systems, or stand-alone, all-in-one power systems, DongAh Elecomm provides the Power that Connects™ fixed and wireless networks worldwide.

Our telecom power systems secure telecommunication services in case of grid power interruptions and fluctuations. DongAh’s power systems are designed for wireless broadband access, fixed-line applications, Internet backbone and datacenters. We provide reliable and energy-efficient telecommunications power systems to help operators reduce their environmental impact. Our telecom rectifiers achieve energy efficiency of up to 96%.

3G 4G LTE Telecom Network PowerMobile Network Power Supplies

DongAh Elecomm provides power solutions for all types of mobile networks. From small, low-power pole-mount rectifiers such as our SLTE-415N, to high-power cabinet-type shelves such as the DSPS-4KS, our full range of power supplies is ideal for DAS and small cell wireless/telecom base stations. DongAh Elecomm’s all-in-one DMPS-16KA high efficiency outdoor power cabinet accommodates a power shelf, batteries and customer equipment for a compact and economical solution for mobile networks. For high efficiency network power with quick and easy installation at competitive pricing, DongAh Elecomm provides Power Where You Need It.

Modular Telecom Power System for Reliability and Flexibility

DongAh Elecomm’s high efficiency power systems for telecom and network applications offer flexibility and configurability in BBU or non-BBU configurations. For example, the DSPS-9K has a wide operating temperature range and input voltage range, and our NEBS-certified CWRS-4150A modular power system provides flexibility and off-the-shelf customization. The number of rectifier modules and the size of load breakers and battery breakers in this power supply are all configurable. Our power shelves are configured with our NEspace™ 96% efficient modules to provide as much power as needed.

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Cell Tower Power Supply

Small Cell Telecom DC Power System

Small cell systems are being added globally to increase capacity in hot spots with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by a macro network. DongAh’s Cheshire™ Series of telecom Small Cell Power Systems provide unobtrusive, integration-friendly, compact and high density power for DAS and small cell wireless/telecom base stations.

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Custom Telecom Power Systems

From concept to production, DongAh Elecomm provides custom power supplies to meet unusual requirements and form factors. Contact us today to learn how we can build your affordable custom power supply with no NRE.

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