NEspace High Efficiency Power Shelf

nespace power shelfOur NEspace™ Power Shelf offers up to 96% efficiency and a loss reduction of greater than 50%.

NEspace significantly reduces energy consumption and loss over standard power supplies. Easy installation and maintenance make it ideal for power-hungry datacom and telecom applications such as cellular base stations, ADSL equipment and fiber nodes, as well as central offices.

Because DC power-based systems are the major energy user for most telecom service providers, increased efficiency can significantly improve the bottom line. The growing demand for high-speed and mobile communications platforms has fueled enormous growth of broadband and wireless networks worldwide. The accompanying increase in energy consumption is a large portion of operating expenses for telecom providers. Energy optimization results in a significant reduction in wasted energy, heat and CO2 emissions.

telecom power supply
The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) cites vendor estimates that about 15 percent of telcos’ operational expenditures are power-related.

Housed in a compact 19” 2RU-high shelf, NEspace provides 8KW with four hot pluggable 37A rectifier modules. The power system is designed with battery management systems for truly redundant operation in indoor and outdoor environments. Software integration allows remote monitoring and control, and hot plug-in switchmode rectifiers allow for easy system upgrades.

NEspace™ Key Features:

  • Up to 96% efficiency
  • Energy saving operation
  • 19” Rack-mount unit
  • Hot-swappable
  • Rectifier module DSP control
  • Constant electric power control
  • Automatic battery charging (floating mode with temperature compensation)
  • Temperature compensated charge voltage for increased battery life
  • Control module for full alarms and monitoring

Download the data sheet for complete specifications for the NEspace power shelf.

Download the data sheet for the NEspace 48/2K rectifier module.

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