Automatic Diagnostic Systems

DongAh Elecomm’s Automatic Inspection System provides fast,
accurate measurements and diagnostics.DongAh Automatic Inspection System

  • Accurate, fast, and convenient R&D / Production tool
  • Improved performance via real-time measurements & inspection
  • Convenient real-time Test Sheet for standard-to-custom products
  • Inspects AC/DC Converters with up to (5) DC Output Voltages
  • Utilizes 300V/6KVA AC Power Source
  • Utilizes 300V/3A DC Power Source
  • Utilizes multiple DC Loads (80V, 300A, 2.6KW; 80V, 60A, 300W)
DongAh Automatic Inspection System MonitorInspection Data:
  • Line and Load Regulation
  • Inrush Current
  • Input Low Voltage Alarm
  • Efficiency
  • Power Factor
  • Rated Output Voltage and Current
  • Output Ripple &/ Noise
  • Load Transient Response
  • Output Recovery (post-Load Transient)
  • Turn-on Delay Time
  • Hold-up Time
  • Discharge Time
  • Overvoltage / Overcurrent Protection
  • Output Short Circuit Protection