DC Small Cell Power System for Telecom & Networks

small cell power supplyHigh Efficiency, High Reliability Rectifier Combines Easy Installation with High Performance at Competitive Pricing

The LOPU-A4L convection cooled rectifier is the newest product in our Cheshire™ Series designed to support expansive growth in small cell 4G/LTE wireless/telecom base stations and network equipment.

DongAh Elecomm has extensive experience in the wireless/telecom market, having deployed more than 300,000 small cell systems across the Republic of South Korea. Small cells are being added globally to increase capacity in hot spots with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by a macro network. They also improve network performance and service quality by offloading demand from traditional base stations, reducing both cost and power requirements.

The rectifier module provides high efficiency network power at competitive pricing, with quick and easy installation, a small footprint and inconspicuous IP65-rated enclosure for outdoor applications. The unit utilizes free-air convection cooling that requires no fans. It is designed to meet UL® and Telcordia Technologies Industry Standards with high reliability.

By 2017, small cells are expected to carry nearly all mobile network data traffic. By 2018, it’s predicted that some 11 million small cells will be in use, a roughly five-fold expansion since 2013.LOPU-A4L Key Features:

  • High efficiency
  • Durable enclosure for outdoor applications
  • Discreet appearance
  • Designed for high reliability
  • Free air convection cooling; no fans
  • Easy installation with quick-mount brackets
  • International Safety Approvals (pending)

DongAh Elecomm designs, manufactures and markets a full line of high efficiency, high density AC/DC power supply products and power systems for the telecom, industrial and medical markets. DongAh develops product lines with extremely flexible architecture and can rapidly modify standard power supply products to meet the needs of customers who require non-standard output voltages.

Download the LOPU-A4L Datasheet.

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