All-in-One Telecom Power System

Stand-alone Power System for 3G/4G LTE Mobile Networks

DMPS-16KA Telecom Power SupplyDongAh Elecomm’s all-in-one DMPS-16KA high efficiency outdoor power cabinet accommodates a power shelf, batteries and customer equipment for a compact and economical solution for 3G/4G (LTE) mobile networks. The rectifier shelf can be configured with eight NESPACE 96% efficient 2KW modules for 16KW of power, or eight NESPACE 3KW modules for up to 24KW of power.

DMPS-16KA Features Include:

  • Modular design accommodates high power applications; easy maintenance
  • Hot pluggable
  • N+1 redundancy
  • Protected against dust, water, vermin and radiated heat
  • Dual filtering system: open air filtered through front mechanical grill and then through polyurethane filter
  • Standalone
  • Designed to meet IP55

View the DMPS-16KA and 24KA datasheet.

Telecom Power Supply Cabinet in Tropical Environment DMPS-16KA-in-fieldDeployment in the Tropics

The DMPS-16KA is being used by one of Thailand’s top service providers for their 3G and 4G mobile network upgrade. Reliability was a major factor in its selection. The power system must withstand Thailand’s hot and humid climate and seasonal tropical monsoons. The power cabinets are being deployed to rural areas (as seen here). The power systems undergo extensive reliability tests prior to deployment. Extra protective coatings on the PCBs ensure reliable performance even in extreme weather conditions, including high temperatures and high humidity levels. The dustproof, waterproof cabinet protects vital equipment inside from radiated heat, vermin and environmental elements.

DongAh Elecomm’s DC Power standalone systems allow for simple network deployment and support telecom infrastructure with low impact, environmentally friendly energy solutions. These field-tested integrated DC power systems supply converters, distribution, controllers and backup power, tailored to client configurations and specifications. Their robust and well-proven designs stand up to environmental challenges, while flexible and scalable modular configurations allow for future expansion.

From small, embedded systems for applications such as access nodes or microwave repeaters, to large standalone systems for telecom central offices, business communications centers, or similar applications, DongAh Elecomm provides Power that Connects. Read about our Cheshire DC power supplies for small cell systems.

DongAh Elecomm is South Korea’s number one supplier of high power rectifiers and hot-swap redundant power supplies. Our selection of front end/rectifiers are the building blocks of today’s communication systems, paving the way with higher densities and greater efficiencies. Designing with DongAh Elecomm technology provides a strong foundation of reliability and strength with high efficiency operation, scalability and configurable flexibility.