Embedded Power Systems

Embedded Power Systems for Telecom, Wireless and Industrial Applications

DongAh manufactures a wide range of complete power systems for telecom, datacom and industrial applications. Our power systems are designed with battery management systems for truly redundant operation in indoor and outdoor environments. Software integration allows remote monitoring and control, and hot plug-in switchmode rectifiers allow for easy system upgrades.

At DongAh, we understand that there is no such thing as a standard power shelf. While we have many existing products, we expect our customers will require modifications from simple to complex. We bring our experience of more than 40 years as a global leader of power supply production to power our customers’ world-changing technologies.

Enlarge Model Power Dimensions Download PDF
DIRS-4110 54V DC @ 111A 1 RU Height 19″
16.93 ” Deep

Operation Manual
DRS-54V 54V DC @ 55.5A 1 RU Height
19″ Rack-Mount
14.14″ Deep

Operation Manual
DS1U-2120 27V DC @ 112A 1 RU Height
19″ Rack-Mount
16.89 ” Deep
VPRS-4300D -54V DC @ 350A 8U Height
19″ Rack-Mount
5.75 ” Deep

Battery Datasheet
Configurable power shelf CWRS-4150A
more info
-54V DC @ 148A 2RU Height
19″, 21″, 23″ Rack-Mount
18.15″ Deep

Rectifier Module
Control Module
ARS48-100 48V @ 100A 3U Height
19″ Rack-Mount
18.43″ Deep
FLEX-2600 27V @ 400A 3U Height
19″ Rack-Mount
17.79″ Deep
SR-2600 -54V DC @ 350A 8U Height
19″ Rack-Mount
5.75 ” Deep
SWPR- 4150C-M -54V DC @ 148A 2RU Height
19″ Rack-Mount
16.39″ Deep
SWPR-4200S 54V @ 200A
Integral Controller,
LVD, Fuse Panel &
Distribution Panel
7U Height 70″
24″ Rack-Mount
16.6″ Deep


Enlarge Model Power Download PDF
VPRS-430 54V @ 30A
System Manual
Controller Manual
LPS-2475 27V @ 75A
VPRS-4175E 54V @ 175A
System Manual
Controller Manual
VPRS-4200E 54V @ 250A
System Manual
Controller Manual
CIRS-4300 54V @ 300A
CIRS-4100 54V @ 100A
CRS-600V 27V @ 600A
SWPR-4200P 54V @ 2300A
VPRS-400N 54V @ 400A
CPRS-1400 54V @ 1400A
DORS-14KV 54V @ 388.5A