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Rudolph the DongAh Powered ReindeerThe elves were at a loss when Rudolph was unable to guide Santa’s sleigh through thick clouds over the land. His nose was no longer bright enough and it needed more power. The elves tried making their own power supply, but costs were skyrocketing and they couldn’t get it down to size. So Santa called our Texas office, knowing that DongAh engineers could deliver a little magic of their own. Just in time for Christmas Eve, the merry Texas team delivered Rudolph’s custom-made, energy-efficient, compact power supply. And that’s how DongAh saved Christmas for children throughout the world!

Don’t make the same mistake as Santa’s elves. Read these four things to consider before building your own power supply. Whether you need a standard product or custom power supply, DongAh Elecomm delivers!

We thank you for making 2012 a year of growth for DongAh Elecomm. We wish you and your families a bright and beautiful New Year!

Happy Holidays from DongAh Elecomm