Communications Industries

Telecom & Wireless Power Supplies

DongAh Elecomm provides rectifier and hot-swap power supply modules, power shelves and energy systems for the fast developing and multi-functionalized communications industry. DongAh supplies all types of advanced power supplies for communication systems to domestic and overseas markets and is South Korea’s number one supplier of hot-swap redundant power supplies. From simple rectifier power supply modules and power shelves through complete energy systems, DongAh provides the Power to Connect.

4G/LTE Deployment


DongAh Elecomm’s power was behind the 4G/LTE small cell deployment for South Korea’s three major service providers: Korea Telecom, SK Telecom, and LGU+, deploying more than 300,000 small cell systems across the Republic of Korea over three years.

36 MILLION LTE subscribers are powered by

DongAh Elecomm Cheshire Series Products

Our Cheshire Series includes high performance power systems ranging from 288W to 1600W.

Key Features:
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Full features and options
  • Battery backup with dry contact alarms
  • Compact, modular configurations (wall or pole mount)
  • Indoor and outdoor applications.

Embedded Power Systems

With DongAh’s high efficiency power systems, the telecom industry can dramatically reduce power consumption and their environmental footprint by cutting losses in power conversion by half.