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DongAh Elecomm was recently recognized as one of the best workplaces in Gyeonggi Province at the annual GGWP (Gyeonggi Good Work Place) Ceremony held at the Gyeonggi Technopark on July 11, 2012.

The ceremony was attended by an estimated 150 attendees, which included Lieutenant Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Chairman of Gyeonggi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Association, and representatives of the recipient companies, including Sung Ho Sohn, CEO of DongAh Elecomm. Also among the attendees were the students of the Hope Link Project, an organization that connects young job seekers with leading local companies.

A total of 31 companies were recognized this year, consisting of 18 small businesses, eight medium-to-large businesses, and five public institutions.

Since 2010, Gyeonggi Province has been recognizing companies in the province for providing a workplace with exemplary welfare policies for their employees and their families and a harmonious and trusting work environment between the employers, management and employees.

Gyeonggi Province is South Korea’s most populous province and is located in the central western part of Korea, surrounding the cities of Seoul and Incheon.

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