Company News

DongAh Elecomm was presented with the “Best DTC (Design to Change) Idea” award by Siemens Ultrasound Systems Korea (SUSKO) during their Supplier Day held on May 10, 2012 for our continuous value evaluation and efforts to both improve design and minimize costs.

DongAh Elecomm began working with Siemens Medical Solutions (US) in 2003 with the BSRP. Our business with SUSKO began in 2005 with the G40 AC and DC power supplies, and we have added new ones throughout the years. The power supplies have evolved to a design that consolidates the AC and DC products into one power supply: the X300(VE) and X150(VE). As part of our efforts on behalf of SUSKO, we developed a dedicated manufacturing line, an on-line process management system and paperless functional testing with our Automatic Inspection System for accurate and fast measurement. Visit our Medical Power Solutions page for more of the story.

DongAh’s ability to meet customer requirements while improving processes, quality and techniques demonstrates our dedication to our customers and our commitment to excellence.