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snakeWe got a call from a customer reporting that our SRM-5450 rectifier module used in one of their base stations in the field wasn’t working. Now, everyone knows that DongAh’s customer service is the best, and we had that unit sent right back to us for repair. Our engineers will fix just about anything, but they weren’t prepared for the shock they had when they opened that unit. Apparently, its invader wasn’t either. It seems that a snake had crawled into the box hoping for a cozy place to hide out. When he slithered over the circuit board, he made a shocking connection that fried his poor little body right then and there. That snake got juiced. 

Since our units are factory sealed, it was evident that it had been opened in the field … hmmm  …  and tampering fried the warranty, too.

Fried Snake

Fried Snake Closeup

Learn more about our hot-swap redundant rectifier modules that provide the juice for base stations and more … even fried snake!